Enterprise Social Networks

In the current context of organisations on which the knowledge transfer between employees is critical, it is considered that social networks may have a differentiating factor to embrace the sharing of the know-how.

The organisational processes supported by social systems can generate value for organisations as they allow the inclusion of the organisational universe (employees, clients, suppliers, and partners) in decision-making, sharing opinions and knowledge in an easy, fast and comprehensive channel.

Nowadays, with the lack of human resources in some business markets, organisations are in need to increase their specialized resources. This cause that organisations are now requiring the creation of new mechanisms for training and transfer of internal knowledge in the organisational universe. Social networks play a significant job here, as they can be the software framework where the knowledge can move.

This proposition is now new but is now seating on technology. Several studies were made in the past justifying the use of networks of people to improve processes and knowledge:

  • Granovetter theory of network analysis;
  • Six Degree of Separation model of Watts;
  • Small World Networks model of Watts and Strogatz;
  • Scale-Free Networks model of Barabási.

This is one of my favourites areas regarding business and processes. In the past, I’ve done the investigation on these matters and I will share it with you – so you can validate it, and use it in your own companies. This investigation includes some organisational and human behavior psychology theories like Mintzberg’s Organisational Configurations and Daniel Pink’s Motivation 3.0 model, and it touches gamification, processes, technology, and people.


Do you know that most of the startups are based on an organic model, valuing factors such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose of employees?

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