How to make the most of your meetings

We all have been in meetings just for the sake of being there – without knowing what we are doing and what is supposed to be discussed.

That is a lot of “Whats” to start, right?

A meeting do not need to be like that, and here are my tips for a productive and effective meeting:

1 – Clear meeting invite

This is the best starting point. Make sure you title and attach an agenda to the meeting request. This way all the invitees will know what is about, it will be clearer on the calendar agenda with all the other meetings and because you have an agenda you can prepare yourself – no more excuses like “I will check and get back to you”.

2 – Reasonable time slot

If it’s just a quick check why booking 1 hour? Make sure you have time enought to cover all topics in the agenda but do not over exceed.

3 – Moderator/ Notetaker

Make sure some one invitee is the moderator. Only focus on the meeting topics and make a note to follow up on the rest. This person will take the notes and distribute at end of the meeting.

4 – Do not add new invitees in the middle of the meeting

Adding people to a meeting they were not invited is not good. The new people will not know what was discussed before, probably not prepared, not aware of agenda, etc…

5 – Turn off the laptop

Are you presenting something? If not, turn your laptop off so you are focused on what people is saying. Take some notes offline – I recommend reMarkable paper tablet.

6 – Revert to internal discussions

Do not let people waiting while you discuss things that can be discussed offline. All topics that are internal or out of agenda should be discussed in other meeting with the required invitees. Take note to follow up – most of the times a simple email with the decision is enought. If important, include that topic in the next follow up meeting.

I’m sure there are more tricks for a productive meeting but these ones will lead you to a good start.

Hey, share your tips with me.

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